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Foundation Request Checklist

Please read the mission statement and program focus of the The John Jordan Foundation to ensure your request falls within our focus areas.

The JJF donation application consists of the following components, which should be submitted in the order listed below. This checklist is provided to help ensure a complete proposal. It does not need to be submitted with the proposal. All components should be scanned and submitted by email to If you have questions please email

  • Section I: Cover Letter (one page)
    Include the purpose of the grant request and a brief description of how the request fits with the JJF mission and donation priorities.
  • Section II: Summary Sheet Form
    Use the 2-page template provided.
  • Section III: Narrative
    • Page Limit:
      • General Operating Requests: 4-page limit; answer questions 1-3; 5(a), 5(b), 59(c); and 6-11.
      • Program or Project Requests: 5-page limit; answer questions 1-4; 5(a), 5(b), 5(d); and 6-11.
    • Narrative Questions
      1. Organization Background
      2. Goals
      3. Current Programs
      4. Program or Project Requests Only
      5. Evaluation
      6. Collaboration
      7. Inclusiveness
      8. Board/Governance
      9. Volunteers
      10. Planning
      11. Optional
  • Section IV: Attachments
    If you omit any of the required attachments, provide an explanation as to why. Note: JJF will not accept an incomplete proposal, without an explaination of the missing components.
    • Financial Attachments
        • Organization budget
        • Program or project budget, if applicable
      1. Current (year-to-date) financial statements
      2. Year-end financial statements, audit, and Sources of Income Table
      3. Major contributors
      4. In-kind contributions
      5. Explanation of items in financial attachments, if applicable
    • Other Attachments
      1. Board of directors list
      2. Proof of IRS federal tax-exempt status, dated within the last five years
      3. Key staff
      4. Annual report, if available

Thank you for your time and effort in completing this application. Please Click next below to begin filling out your application.