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Accelerated English Language Instruction, helping to narrow the achievement gap.

Thanks to a very generous donation of $25,000 from the John Jordan Foundation to the Healdsburg Education Foundation (HEF), over 300 of the Healdsburg School District’s English Language Learners attended the Accelerated English Language Summer Academy. 
Entering kindergarten, over 70% of our students are English Learners. Many of these students are able to become fully fluent in English within a few years. However, a significant percentage of English language students get stuck in an intermediate stage of English, and do not become fully proficient in the language, hindering their academic success. 
This newly implemented 6 week summer program is designed to both expedite and increase the success of our English Language students’ acquisition of English. Borrowing from Districts that have successfully addressed this concern, like the Roseland School District, the Healdsburg School District is implementing a new program of Accelerated English Language Summer School and School Year Instruction for students who are learning English as a second language. The program utilizes systematic instruction that breaks down the building blocks of language into understandable, manageable parts which accelerates language acquisition and prevents learning gaps that limit students’ ability to move up the grades as expectations increase in rigor. Funding for this program includes intensive teacher training in English Language Instruction and the conduct of Summer School.