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The John Jordan Foundation invests as a founder in the College Tee Project

This simple idea has grown into what is today the College Tee Project, which last year alone worked to supply hundreds of 2nd graders throughout Sonoma County, California with a college t-shirt and note from college graduates.

Our mission at the College Tee Project is to help create a college-going culture for all students, especially focusing on first generation kids, by giving them and their families a tangible connection to college along with information regarding college preparedness and opportunities.

We give second graders at participating schools a college tee shirt to grow into along with a personal note from a college grad about his or her college experience. Each College Tee package also includes basic information regarding college preparedness and opportunities and a road map to college.

The College Tee Project solicits tee shirt donations from individuals, alumni associations, and universities and personal notes from college graduates. Tee shirts can be purchased by donors and donated directly with notes, or can be “ordered” and a note submitted through the College Tee Project website.