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Teacher's Wishes

A mini-grant program for Sonoma County teachers

Teachers are encouraged to submit an application for a project and training tool or an idea that would help in the classroom. The maximum grant award will be $300.00. This is a grant program open to all Sonoma County Pre K-12 teachers. Only applications submitted here August 1st through August 31st will be considered. Award announcements will be made in September. Please do not ask for application confirmation. Keep a copy of your grant application for future reference.

Teacher Information
School Contact Info

All checks are sent to the District office addressed to the Superintendent.

All checks will be written to the district with Teacher Name and School in the memo area

Teacher/Applicant Statement & Agreement

I, the undersigned applicant, understand agree that all information regarding my project is detailed and present in this application, including all pertinent information about the funding that I need, the funding available to me, and the funding I have already obtained. If I win, I also understand that I must report my project results by Feb 1, 2017.

Project Details

Project Criteria (will be considered during grant award selection process)

  • A. Enables improved classroom learning and teaching
  • B. Enhances the Current State or District Curriculum
  • C. Unique and Innovative

Please detail when and from whom you will secure (or already have secured) the remaining funds.

If you would like to provide more detail about your project, please send additional attachments, including photos with this application. We request that application and attached materials do not exceed 5 pages. Please scan and send all to